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I purchased Sam's rotty pup Ralphie (now known as Boomer)
and I am very very pleased, he is a holy terror lol, he came in & showed my female who is boss.
Sam did me the favor of holding him for me & my husband & neighbor went for him today, currently he is sleeping beside me
and he is just what I needed to get over the death of my large male Bruno.
Thank you for having your listings here & on nextdaypets.com, it truly is a blessing finding Boomer & Sam.
Boomer looks so much like my adult but acts so different =)
again thank you & feel free to put my testimonial on your site so others know you are not a puppy mill.

Maria Kauffman - feel free to post my name so others know I am a person,  not a bot. 9/1/2009

Hi Janet,
  John Morin , and I want to thank you so much for my girl, I named her Ella and I will forward som more pictures of her , she is fantastic , smart listens great and so attched to my Mom and myself, she is just such a great girl , better than I could ever ask for, again thank you so much Janet.
    John Morin - Sept. 2009

To anyone looking for a terrific breeder and lifelong friend:
Stop, you are in the right place!
Three years ago, I was looking for a Golden Retriever puppy.  We lost our Golden Retriever, Cody in May that year.  After months went by and we began to heal we knew we could never replace Cody but we also knew our home was just a house without a faithful friend to complete our family.  At the same time, my partner Trisha's 50 the birthday was fast approaching.  We were making plans for a huge bash with over 100 people invited to a themed Country& Western celebration at my families 100 year old authentic log cabin.  The party was no surprise but the other guest of honor was.  I searched and searched locally, shelters, pet stores but could not find a retriever.  Finally, I went on-line and found what proved to be one the best breeders in PA and their representative Jeanette, who I now consider a personal friend.  
I explained to Jeanette that the puppy was a surprise and that I could not take possession of him until the actual day of the party.  Not only did Jeanette agree to drive the puppy to the party location but she also agreed to keep him for several days at her home , which was closer to our location until the party.  She was  as excited about the surprise as I was and offered to outfit the puppy in a western costume for the occasion.  When the big day arrived, I was delighted to meet "Miles" our beautiful, sweet baby boy.  Although Jeanette had been so kind to email me several pictures of him while she cared for him at her home,none did him justice.
The rest is history, Jeanette came in with Miles and he immediately ran to his Mommy and he hasn't left her side since.  From his head to his toes he was and is perfect.  His coat a beautiful golden auburn, with hair now flowing from his tail and to the floor. We were presented with his papers and medical records indicating all shots and worming up to date.  We of course, also immediately arranged for a vet visit and scheduled his regular an annual shots.  He is in perfect health and has not required any out of the ordinary medical care or expense.  
We couldn't have asked for a healthier, happier more loving companion than Miles.  We were so happy in fact, that the following year,  during a graduation party for my sister-n-law Francine we presented her with what she calls the best surprise of her life, Her beautiful "stunning German Shepard, she named Zander.  I couldn't begin to tell you how much she loves this guy but she will be happy too...look for her post.  He, like Miles has proven to be healthy, happy and the perfect gift that really does keep on giving
Lastly, as for Jeanette and the breeder she works for and with, I would never use anyone else but her to chose and recommend a puppy for me or anyone in my family or friends.  She is a true animal lover and animal advocate.  She would not release Miles until she met us and determined he would be safe, well cared for and good home.  She would also never work for a breeder who did not do the same.
Sincerely & forever grateful, 
Mary Lou I.
Sept. 2009


 Zander Von Neumann aka Zander,  was the best gift I ever received.  He has been a joy to have and has a very special place in my heart.  He is in great health and has been since the day he was given to me as a graduation present.  His gentle face matches his personality.  When people think of German Shepards, they do not always have the best opinion of them, but he is the most gentle, loving dog with a great disposition and beautiful features, I refer to him as stunning.  I have two other dogs, a female shepard I rescued and a mixed lab and a cat and Zander fits right in and has from the very beginning. He is very playful.  I want to breed him but cannot find another dog with all the qualities he possess.  I would buy another German Shepard from Steven and would recommend him to others for a quality dog.  
Francine Lawrence - Sept 2009

About 7 or 8 years ago, my husband and I fell in love with the looks and disposition of the Bernese Mountain Dog, and we’ve wanted one ever since.  We’ve met with breeders, but the timing was never quite right.  We started looking again recently, only half serious, and wondering how we could incorporate a big dog into our family of 4 cats, a hedge hog, and a 3 year old boy.  We started searching around, found “Baxter” (now Bailey) on your site and fell in love.  We drove two hours the next night, just to meet him… and ended up bringing him home with us that night.  Our son now has his fur-ever best friend, we’re completely in love, and we couldn’t have asked for a better pup for our family!  He’s sweet, loving, cuddly, gentle and smart!  We couldn’t have asked for a better new family member!  Thank you for bringing so many people and breeds together… and creating so many “Happy Ever Afters!”

Jonel, Allen & Shon Haley

Oct. 2009

We would like everyone to know he is very loved, and spoiled. Mike had very particular ideas in what he wanted his boxer to look like. We actually hunted for 2 years until I spotted him on the internet. Mike immediately feel in love with him. He is getting to be very protective, loves to take walks, in fact the word walk cannot be said outloud unless you are ready and willing to leave immediately because he will cry and whine until you go. He listens so well , people are amaized at how well he listens. We do not have any kind of a fence but he does not cross his boundrary lines. He sleeps with us. He will immediately lick you (kiss you) if you raise your voice to correct him as if he is telling you he is sorry. His nose now lays directly on top of our table (which is something we are working to break ) so if anything is close enough to the edge he will sniff and look at you like he is asking permission. He is a kisser, long and wet kisser.  We do not leash him most of the time on walks, because it is all farm lanes and wide open fields. Montana will run ahead of you but will stop and look back to see if you are near. He will wait for you to catch uip, but he always wants the lead. We could not have found a better boxer if we would have spent a lifetime looking for him. He is our pride and joy and sure has given us alot to laugh about. 

I would recommend any one who is looking for a boxer to check with Omar. 
Dec. 2009
Update - Now renamed Damien - pictured in his service vest to the right.

Feb. 2010
 Hi Jeanette, we would like to thank you for our new Toy Fox Terrier puppy.  We named her Abby.  We weren't sure about purchasing a puppy online, but you made it so easy.  You have a great service. We are really enjoying our new puppy.   Thanks again,   The Lohr's July 2010
I am writing to praise Chris Glick and Sunny Side Puppies for their exceptional customer service.  We purchased our adorable puggle puppy, Charlie, in May 2010 and we could not be more pleased!  Charlie is such a wonderful pup----happy, loving and FULL of personality. 
I'm writing this testimonial because I am so appreciative of everything that Chris did for Charlie.  Within the first few days of us bringing him home, Charlie came down with pneumonia and had to be rushed to the animal hospital.  As you can imagine, we were distraught and concerned for his well being.  We contacted Chris to let him know about the situation, fully expecting him to give us the bum's rush and balk at our request for the refund by law.  Quite the opposite happened!  Chris called multiple times during the week to check on Charlie's health and FULLY compensated us for all of our unexpected veterinary expenses.  We just couldn't believe that our breeder was so honest and full of integrity.  What a blessing!  
I am happy to report that Charlie is now 100% healthy. I will continue to recommend Sunny Side Puppies to anyone interested in purchasing a new dog for their family. Thank you, thank you, thank you! 
Liz Birch  July 2010
We purchased a 11 week female german shepherd puppy from Stephen Beiler on feb 19 2010. Her name was Bridget now renamed Shera. Just wanted to say what a wonderful dog she is. She has brought so much joy into our home. The first day we brought her home she was already walking on a leash with no hesitation, going into her crate and potty trained in only 2 days. We love going on long walks with her through the woods, to the park and going for car rides. Cant wait to take her to the beach this summer! She is now 4 months old and 35 ibs. My husband and i would like to thank Stephen Beiler for our wonderful little girl, we are so very proud to have to have her!! We will send more pictures soon! Lisa & Peter Cook  

March 2011
   Coookie was purchased  
Oct 2011

Updated photo of Cookie, June 2012

I would like to sincerely thank Stephen Bieler and his family for my beautiful 6 month old German Shepherd Sonny Boy. The entire process from my initial phone conversation with Mr. Bieler, and subsequently traveling to his home in Pennsylvania and choosing a pup from the beautiful healthy litter was most positive. Mr. Bieler’s wife Rachel and son Benjamin were very helpful to us when we arrived at their home this past August. I brought Sonny Boy home to New Jersey with me when he has 11 weeks old, and he has been a wonderful addition to my home and life. This puppy has a wonderful temperament; he is extremely intelligent, and curious. Sonny Boy is exceptionally handsome and seems to get more striking as he grows. He was housebroken and learned his basic obedience commands very quickly. He completed his Basic Obedience course at 5 months old.

I fell really thankful that I was able to find Stephen Bieler and would recommend him to anyone. It was well worth the 3 and one half hour ride. I plan to get a second German Shepherd in the future as a companion for Sonny Boy, and I will definitely go to Stephen Bieler  
You delivered a golden named Rambo to my home from Barbie. Just wanted to let you know that he is a year old today, and is doing great.
As you can see he is getting to be a big boy, so big and so good. Could not ask for a better boy. He is my best little buddy, he goes everywhere with me, we spend a lot of time together. So glad I found your web site and Rambo.
  Best choice I ever made. He is a little social butterfly when I take him to the park, loves everyone dogs and people alike. Always getting all the attention. He is my best pal. Just thought you’d like to know he is doing good, and very healthy. If you see or talk to Barbie please let her know as well. Thanks for all your help and getting us together, can imagine a day with out him. Would like everyone to see him, and see what a great place your site is to get a new furry friend. If anyone needs a reference about your site send them my way, I will tell them how happy I am with all you do. thanks for everything, I will keep you posted on Rambo from time to time

Bob Sweeney
Feb 2013
Ayla with her Mini Goldendoodle Milo purchased  
March 2013

Shadow now enjoying sunny palm springs, CA with his new friend Achilles,  
May 2013

 Just giving you an update on "Parker" who is now Kingston. He's doing great, he had his first visit to the vet who said not only was he one of the most adorable things she's ever seen but that he was also perfectly healthy! He is very active and independent- I'm not sure what I did without him for so long! Here are a few pictures, thanks again!

Mea & Kingston
Hi Jeanette,

5 days ago I purchased a bichpoo, named "Rianna" from you. I decided to name re-name her, "Greta." Everyone fell in love with her the moment I brought her home. Greta is the perfect addition to our family. She has the best temperament. She is loving and calm, but also very playful and full of energy. 

Also, I'd like to add how proud of I am of her!! At ten weeks old, she is already potty trained on the pee pads (with no accidents so far...knock on wood).